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22 de feb. de 2019
Locked away behind the shop fronted streets of Athens city centre lies a small apartment with a superb balcony. The balcony has a clear view of the Acropolis. We were met by Dimitris & Savvas and their lovely (incredibly well behaved) dogs. The eight course meal with wine was absolutely superb, every course lovingly made with gourmet ingredients, all tasting delicious. We loved meeting the guys and had a wonderful evening. We would highly recommend this experience to anyone.
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17 de feb. de 2019
Excellent meal, we can see why they have so many amazing reviews. The food was superb. Started with a mushroom soup that was divine. Next came the spinach-cheese pie with handmade phyllo pastry and Greek yogurt, I tried to have just one knowing there were so many courses to go but couldn’t resist second. Next came a smoked eggplant with homemade bread. My husband who despises eggplant had seconds! Next came stuffed zucchini, amazing and reminded me of a Polish golabki recipe. Followed by a salad with amazing crunchy baked ham, then sausage and potatoes (the potatoes were so amazing that it’s hard to remember that these were just potatoes) and then there were veal meat balls that I had even though at this point we were in a food coma. Oh and there was dessert which was delicious but really hard to get through because we were so beyond stuffed. Also the wine and conversation kept pouring and both were superb. Plus shots of Greek liquor. All in all I don’t think you can match the amount of food, drinks and love you receive in one meal to any other meal you have in Athens. Book now, you will not regret it.
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16 de feb. de 2019
A great meal with great company and conversation. And an unique opportunity to experience a slice of authentic Athens amidst a charming and welcoming atmosphere. I hope our hosts can find the time to put together a recipe book some day!
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11 de feb. de 2019
Our absolute best experience in Greece. Great food and excellent company. Thanks again Dimitris and Savvas. We had a lovely time and enjoyed meeting you. Come see us in Fort Worth!
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