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Como será la experiencia en casa de Dorian

lorinoviembre 2019
The room was set up as if I was walking into an expensive restaurant. It was beautifully decorated, and I could here a different variety of pleasant, soothing music from the musicians being played in another room. What little I could see, most of the guest were dressed casual. I eagerly anticipated what the app said; that there would be a starter, main course, and a dessert. Chef Dorian came in, introduced herself, and said she would be serving a few surprises throughout the dinner. That was a surprise within itself! We ended up eating so much! I loved the way Chef Dorian came in before she created her miracle food and explained what masterpiece was coming up next. The food was definitely elevated to the point of well; let me get what you pay for! I not only paid for a gourmet meal, but after eating Chef Dorian’s food; I felt like my hometown had just built a five star restaurant; and I didn’t have to drive to Atlanta to go eat there. I felt as if I had just checked into world’s finest restaurant right here in Cartersville, Georgia! After everyone had eaten their meal Chef Dorian came out and answered questions, took pictures, and made it an incredible night. Congratulations Chef Dorian! I really can see, and taste why you are the winner of season 10 MASTER CHEF.

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