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6 de dic. de 2018
Great experience! Definitely a different type of cooking class but in a wonderful way. Learned a lot about Portuguese culture and food and Ze was a great conversationist!
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3 de dic. de 2018
I have done cooking classes about about a dozen countries. This was the best, the experience of both just sharing food and preparing food is wonderful. Ze is fantastic, his cooking is wonderful. If everyone in the world shared meals and cooking like Ze the world would be at peace!
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21 de nov. de 2018
We had a lovely time with Zé. Really nice atmosphere and fantastic food!
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20 de nov. de 2018
This was undeniably one of the best experiences we had in our 2 week trip in Portugal. Ze is like the friend of a friend that we were told we had to meet. He mixes a warm casual atmosphere with a storied history of where and what we were eating and drinking. Ze has a genuine passion for meeting and learning about new people and loves the organic chemistry of the random gathering of people. In addition to the other EatWith guests, he also invited a local friend who had the benefit of being an epic sommelier! My only regret was not doing this earlier in the trip.
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