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3 de sep. de 2019
The meal was ok but I was expecting a bit more, in quality and quantity. I mean... can’t have a 4 course dinner and still be hungry in the end, can we? Not for this price anyway. The actors were ok, entertaining enough, but nothing too amazing. Overall I enjoyed it, but I did think the whole event was way overpriced.
3 de sep. de 2019
Great attention to details. Food nothing special. Show not very entertaining, unfortunately.
26 de ago. de 2019
The show was incredibly enjoyable and the actors are amazing! Truly recommendable, you get the whole immersive experience indeed. It's not too long either so that it doesn't get boring. The only comments for improvement I have are twofold: 1) the food is so and so (the main and desert were great, but the amuse bouche, which was a gel, isn't everyone's cup of tea, so better to go with something more people can enjoy, and the starter, which was a rather poorly seasoned soup, also didn't blow off anyone's socks). 2) After the show there wasn't really any ending, actors and staff kind off left us to find our way out on our own and it was suddenly over, which left many confused. It would have been great if the conductor had said something like 'we've arrived at our destination, enjoy your stay'' or similar. but all in all quite good fun!
31 de jul. de 2019
Food was nice but tiny portions , show was Terrible , like watching a kids school show actually that may have been better

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