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7 de nov. de 2018
Linda's homey French-inspired African meal warmed my soul. Her fish balls and plow are simple, delicious and unique. I've never had any cooking like hers! She intuitively blends various spices to create new flavors for the same dishes, making each dish distinct from the other. I would buy a one-way flight to New York City just to taste her lemon garlic roasted chicken again. AH-MAZING.
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20 de oct. de 2018
My friend Lena and I traveled to NYC and this was our first dinner in the city. Linda was a terrific host, as was her partner, Sheer. We dined on beautiful Congolese food: salad with fish, sweet potato greens and foo foo, chicken braised with onions, and gorgeous strawberry and cream cheese crepes. The food was outstanding; the company even better. This was our first EatWith experience and the bar has been set very high. We are absolutely fans now of this concept and will do it again!
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26 de sep. de 2018
This was my second opportunity to dine with Linda. Again, the food was nothing short of being incredibly tasty. I usually am not a fan of onions but the way that she marinated them and the chicken made me ask for more. The blackberry crepes... 😋. They were really good and the tangy flavour really complemented the creme cheese. The decor was beautiful with soft lighting. How did 4 hours fly by so quickly? When you’re eating well with great company, you don’t take stock of the time.
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23 de sep. de 2018
Amazing meal, great friends, and great conversation! Could not ask for more!
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