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25 de nov. de 2018
Everything was so great!!! thank for a great night
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31 de oct. de 2018
Everything was great, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was cosy!)
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4 de oct. de 2018
Having gotten off the plane from the US only hours prior, Manuela and her friends were the best welcoming committee a person could ask for. Traveling alone, that really meant something. And Manuela’s food was as delicious as it was storied. The care in preparing it was evident, but even more so was the love the love that became evident when she told the stories behind each dish. Her home is also so cozy and eclectic, that if I weren’t so jetlagged, I may have been compelled to stay and ask about each painting, artwork and item in her home! She is a mutli-talented woman and I look forward to seeing her again on this trip!’
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1 de ago. de 2018
It was fun at bohemic Manuela, interesting stories and tasty home made food.
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