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15 de ago. de 2019
Having dinner with, and meeting Carla was one of the best parts of our trip. Thank you, EatWith for introducing us to what felt like an old friend :)
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15 de ago. de 2019
Perfetta serata, casa molto bella, ottima cucina, buon abbinamento dei vini. La padrona di casa, Carla è molto simpatica e riesce a creare un ambiente rilassato e caloroso. Consiglio a tutti di provare questa esperienza. Ripeterò volentieri la prossima volta che verrò a Parigi.
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14 de ago. de 2019
Carla was a TREASURE! The meal and accompanying wines were extraordinary and Carla was a kind, interesting and lovely hostess. Our evening was one of the highlights of our trip to Paris. We would HIGHLY recommend dinner with Carla to one & all if your journey takes you to Paris!
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13 de ago. de 2019
What an amazing visit. The perfection of the evening started with a stroll from Sacré-Cœur through the Montemartre of Pablo Picasso, Gertrude Stein, Van Gough, Hemmingway...Arrival at Carla's home included a warm greeting that made us feel less like strangers and more like returning family. Carla and her husband Stan have mastered that nearly lost art of conversation--the type that engages each person and masterfully twists to explore compelling ideas with a lightness and humor that adds to everyone's comfort. Each bite of food carried the hoped-for delectability of french cuisine, but also just enough worldly influence to inspire any foodie. While each guest came for the food, the conversation, the experience of being heard and welcomed and enlightened is what made the evening so memorable. My favorite Parisian experience and a favorite shared memory that my husband, mother and I continue to talk about.
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