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15 de ago. de 2019
What a treat! Jame's experience was fantastic! We started the afternoon with munching on delicious cheese and olives (with anchovies!) and Spanish meats. James then taught us to make the pasta - he breaks it down so easy for the group. Then while the finishing touches are added to the main dish, we enjoyed a gazpacho. The feast after the class was DELICIOUS. I am ready to make pasta at home.
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14 de ago. de 2019
The meal at James' home was delicious, but that was only part of the experience. We began by shopping at Bi-Rite, a San Francisco institution, and got our fresh produce. Then we went to James' delightful home, for some lovely music and appetizers. James gave a lesson in making pasta which was great fun -- and the noodles that emerged were delicious! James had prepared the rest of the meal himself, and it was yummy. I would definitely recommend this experience for the food lesson and for the food.
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18 de may. de 2019
Our family of three spent a very enjoyable evening at James' beautiful home. He's a well-traveled and welcoming host who shared his knowledge of international cuisine with us, and presented a tasty and memorable dinner. The guys had a blast learning how to prepare gnocchi, and now we must buy a ricer so we can attempt it at home. Highly recommended.
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22 de oct. de 2014
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