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28 de feb. de 2018
yuan’s concept dinner for the chinese new year celebration was one of a kind. the impressive decorations with lampions, throughtful details and cosy atmosphere at the round table took me right outside of the gloomy berlin winter. her unique and contemporary approach to chinese traditional cuisine in combination with chinese herbs offered many exquisite and novel flavours. I enjoyed the vegetarian version that included highlights like the delicious homemade dumplings, mystical buddha soup and creamy coconut and bean dessert. every dish came with an introduction by the host, revealing its unique ancient story, as well as the health benefits of its herbal ingredients, like gojiberries, lotus, ginseng and the jujube, aka the chinese plum, that tasted delicious and is also a natural stress remedy. not to forget there even was an incredible singing performance by yuan’s mom, who happened to visit that week. it certainly was the most delicious and luckiest start into the new year of the dog
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25 de feb. de 2018
I went there without any high expectation, just as a lonely international student living abroad by myself without any family here, couldn't find any better option for my Chinese New Year. However, I end up making so many new friends and amazed by the how authentic the food is!!! It is a casual dinner night but help me sort out my homesick a lot.
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16 de feb. de 2018
The Chinese New Year Feast was absolutely amazing! The food was delicious, the service was great and the general atmosphere warm, cosy and very friendly. The dinner at Yu'an really felt like a little trip in the middle of the busy week. Exactly what was needed to break the working routine! I went home happy and relaxed.
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15 de feb. de 2018
Once again, both the food and the hospitality was warm and inviting.
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