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16 de jul. de 2018
We had a great meal with Marta and Clea! The food was perfect for a summer evening - light, vegetarian and delicious! We loved the wine and the company and hope to be back again soon.
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15 de jul. de 2018
We had a wonderful time with Marta and Clea. They were excellent hosts - very sweet, engaging, and helpful. The food was very good. Each course was served elegantly in a lovely backyard setting. It’s hard to find good vegetarian options, so we really appreciated this opportunity. It was a memorable evening.
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9 de may. de 2018
My friends and I spent a wonderful time having dinner with Clea and her family. There was a really chilled and nice atmosphere, the music was great and the food was delicious. We had so much fun and felt so welcomed! Thank you so much for sharing with us your time and your amazing cooking skills!
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7 de may. de 2018
When visiting Barcelona, we thought a meal with locals would be a nice change from restaurants and it was! We had a wonderful dinner with hosts Marta and Clea, and 6 other guests from Germany and Spain. Great food, wine and conversation made a great evening. Thank you Marta and Clea
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