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2 de may. de 2019
Max was just the perfect guest. Polite, friendly, funny and of course a real food lover. We spent a great evening and it really was like a dinner with a good old friend. Thank you very much and please let us know when you are back in Paris.
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6 de nov. de 2017
Marta: Encantadora, super abierta y muy receptiba a escuchar y valorar nuestra experiencia de forma muy agradable.
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17 de oct. de 2017
We had a fantastic night visiting some very busy but traditional tapas bars in Sevilla. Overall we had a fantastic night
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16 de oct. de 2017
We I truly had a wonderful evening with Cara, Janie and Sherry. We chatted for a long time on wide range of topics ,They are very nice women, curious and open-minded . Hope to see them again.
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