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27 de abr. de 2018
The food was delicious, vibrant and interesting to learn about, the hosts were a delight and the atmosphere was warm and relaxed. It's always nice to try new things, and the variety of dishes made for a eclectic and authentic experience. I had a marvellous time 10/10
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21 de abr. de 2018
Very good, very welcoming, very charming host
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20 de abr. de 2018
This was my first time trying food from Sri Lanka, which I’ve wanted to do for a while since following this chef on instagram. And I was not disappointed. I thought the food was great and really authentic. The starter was a coconut rice dish served with a spicy paste and a sweeter sort of chutney- really tasty contrasting flavours. The main was a sample of lots of dishes, which is perfect for trying new things, including a chicken curry, beetroot curry, potatoes, sri lankan noodles, lentils etc. It was great to try lots of different things and it was also really colourful! My favourite dish was probably the potatoes and the chicken curry. I would definitely attend again.
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17 de abr. de 2018
This was the first time I had tried authentic Sri Lankan food, and it was absolutely excellent. I particularly enjoyed the beetroot curry, highly recommend.
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