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Filipino Kamayan Feast in the Heart of Brooklyn

Organizado por Cris and Anna

Certificado en seguridad alimentaria
Según la política de Eatwith, este anfitrión posee un certificado de seguridad alimentaria expedido por organismos oficiales.

La experiencia en pocas palabras.

Tipo de evento

Cena, Filipina

Número de invitados

4 a 14

Horario del evento

19:00 (2 horas)


Appetizer: Nilagang Mani

Boiled peanuts with little salt

Pork Adobo

braised pork belly, pork liver, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic

Inihaw na Talong

Grilled Eggplant Omelette
eggplant, egg

Garlic Butter Shrimp with Salted Egg

shrimp, salted egg, garlic, mayo

Smoked Bangus

boneless milkfish

Grilled Sweet Corn

corn, coconut milk


Vegetable Spring Roll
bamboo shoots, cabbage, carrots, onion

Garlic Jasmine Fried Rice

rice, garlic

Sauce: Kamatis, sibuyas, bagoong

chopped tomato and onion with shrimp paste

Dessert: Brazo de Mercedes

soft, pillowy meringue with rich custard filling rolled into a log, jelly-roll fashion.


Vino tinto, Vino blanco, Cóctel, El invitado puede traer alcohol

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Machikofebrero 2020
Cris and Anna made my first Filipino Kamayan Feast experience so enjoyable. When I stepped into their place, I was very intrigued by their beautifully arranged large communal table and the dreamy lighting in their place. It gave me a butterfly in my stomach for the event I was about to experience. A variety of food like braised pork belly, Grilled Eggplant Omelette, seafood, Grilled Sweet Corn, etc. were served on banana leaves. The food was very tasty and fun to eat by hand. If you are an adventurous person and looking for an exotic experience, I highly recommend Cris and Anna's Filipino Kamayan Feast experience in the heart of Brooklyn. :)
Alyssafebrero 2020
We had a great time at Cris and Anna's feast! The food was really delicious, and the authentic experience of eating with our hands was also really great. We left full and happy :)
gynnfebrero 2020
Presentation said it all!! killer filipino food!! incredible hospitality ( feels like home) ,the cocktails were delicious.!! This Place is off the heezy!!!A must try!!!
Jodyenero 2020
My friends and I totally enjoyed this finger-licking delicious Kamayan Feast. We were encouraged to eat with our hands and that was absolutely the way to go. You could also opt for plastic gloves as an in-between option. My favourite part of the meal was the liver in the adobo dish. It paired so nicely with the garlic rice. Thinking of it made me drool now. Besides the mighty tasty food, Cris and Anna showed the true spirit of Filipino hospitality. They were so attentive to our dining progress. Always one step ahead to top up our water and food, if we wanted seconds. I loved the sticky yam rice provided as dessert. Just the right amount of sweetness and petite little portion to round out the meal. The gentlemen of our crew tried the special Spicy Margarita and were raving about it. So do come ready for some speciality cocktails. Lastly, our dining experience was all the more enhanced by other fellow guests, who seem to be regular Eatwith patrons. It's always fun to exchange cultural stories and meal adventures. Make your booking with Cris and Anna ASAP :)

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