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Food markets are the real heart of a city and it's one of the best things in the world to smell bunches of aromatic herbs, fresh and wet vegetables early in the morning...I love gathering together around the big white table friends who appreciate sharing good food and new experiences. I have travelled extensively throughout Japan where I learned numerous recipes. I'm inspired by English and Scandinavian new chefs as well and I specialize in fusion food, with a distinctive French and Mediterranean touch. When abroad, I can't help turning into a relentless explorer of new and off the road restaurants ! For lunch, I cater to photoshoot teams, luxury brands, designers... For dinner, I cook for private clients and organize cocktails & parties. On Sundays I'm in charge of the Gaité Lyrique Théatre's successful brunch. My favourite dishes come from my childhood, the ones I used to cook with my Italian and Spanish grandparents. *If you do not see an event on a date that works for you, feel free to click on the calendar icon on any menu and request another date!Less
English, French

The "So French" Dinner

English, French
5 a 10
19:30 - 21:30

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21 de feb. de 2018
真的是很神奇的一餐,一个餐桌竟然聚集了来自四个国家的人。我用烂烂的英语和他们交流,但是聊的特别开心。 东道主françoise很温暖很亲切,她给我们准备了很美味很地道的法餐,品尝了头盘主菜甜点,还有开胃酒,红葡萄酒。在餐桌上我们聊了很多,讲各个国家的风俗习惯,讲我们的旅途奇遇。一个很可爱的美国小哥哥还学了法语的酒和水都怎么说,然后在那很开心的说""好神奇呀,我喝着法国的葡萄酒"" 她女朋友说,对呀,你还喝着法国的水呢,哈哈。还有一个法国男孩儿,长得特别像艾克苏佩里书中的小王子,他给我们带了一盒巧克力,他说他家有一个巧克力工场,这是他们家自产的巧克力,今天他带的巧克力是他爸妈以他的名字命名的,叫Augustin巧克力,另外还有一种是以他姐姐的名字命名的,真的好酷呀,我还以为这些只有电视剧里才能看到这种剧情呢。我们还一起聊了大家最喜欢巴黎的什么,最印象深刻的是什么,知道了原来看不懂的都叫艺术这句话是通用于全世界的。。。 很感谢Françoise, 让我们以这种形式聚在一起,相互认识,成为朋友
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21 de feb. de 2018
We spent a very good time with Françoise! The whole dinner was delicious, She shared with us her technics to make this amazing cheese soufflé we tasted. The other guests were lovely, we went out of this dinner with new friends and our appetite perfectly satisfied, Thank you Françoise !
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7 de feb. de 2018
Our first Eatwith a great success! Francoise is a lovely host and entertains her guests in a superb atmosphere. She lives in a vibrant safe neighborhood of Paris and offers a delish meal and conversation. We highly recommend a dinner with Francoise 😎😍
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28 de dic. de 2017
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Conoce a Françoise
English, French
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