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Cook French "Boeuf Bourguignon" in Montmartre

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10:30 - 14:30
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English, Francesa
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22 de ene. de 2018
I've been very hesitant to write a critical review, but this may help future diners avoid our experience. When we booked "Christmas Dinner in a Parisian Home" for 12-29, we were excited about the intimate atmosphere, as there was a max of 4 people allowed for this (and similar) booking. Unfortunately, when we arrived, there were 5 additional diners from AirBnB dining experiences. If we'd have known we'd be dealing with a crowded table of 9, we'd have never booked this event. The food was good, not great, and unfortunately, the menu posted on the site was also different than the food that was served. I certainly understand the desire to serve the freshest and seasonal ingredients, but this doesn't appear to have been the conflict. We had really been looking forward to the promised chocolate soufflé dessert, but it was changed to an unpleasant dairy product of some sort that didn't resemble any dessert I've ever eaten. The company was good, and the food was good, but we expected a more intimate, less crowded experience and probably wouldn't have booked knowing how the evening would progress.
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4 de oct. de 2017
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4 de oct. de 2017
中秋不能回自己家吃饭,所以就…去别人家吃饭[机智]谢谢Vizeat和MAO邀请的好酒好料理,网红主厨就在身边忙活的感觉给了一种翻身做奴隶主的幻觉 :) 前菜的南瓜低温滑蛋真是能滑得进你心尖尖每一个坑洞,BoeufBourguignon虽然配菜更加圈粉但提前拷打牛肉一整晚的主厨也是不易 ! 虽然没看见月亮,但是chef家能看见蒙马特的天台也是太棒太棒太棒#你们好这是一条真诚的试吃反馈##大家中秋快乐啦#
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4 de oct. de 2017
通过VizEat 能去一个喜欢做cooking的法国人家里和他们分享餐桌。和天南地北的小伙伴有个中秋dinner法餐果然还是要在家里吃比较爽!
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